Technology Stack


Moonbase Alpha will feature a lightning fast multi-chain Decentralised AMM Exchange. MBA will feature state of the art charting, analytics and quick performance swap trades using intuitive UI to assist in faster trading response times. MBA DEX will launch on the following chains:


Arbitrum - Q1 - 2023 - Completed - LIVE

zkSync - Q2 - 2023 - Completed - LIVE

Cross Chain integration - TBC


Moonbase Alpha launchpad will be manual and team curated for the first quarter of 2023, it will be a fully service launchpad enabling IDOs, IGOs, IMOs and INOs. In future iterations, the launchpad will be run entirely by the DAO and Projects will be able to list their own raises, lock liquidity and utilise team vaults and much much more! The first iteration of the MBA Launchpad will be pushed out on TGE.


Hyperboost is a brand new Launchpad concept for IDOs, IGOs, IMOs and INOs that was designed by James Lee of Hyperboost seamlessly enables the top 200 token holders of $MROCK a new 'set and forget' mechanism to participate in new projects and businesses launched in the Moonbase Alpha Launchpad ecosystem.


Moonbase Alpha farms will feature all the top stable pairs, newly listed project pairs and also static opportunities. By staking LP tokens, users can seriously magnify their earning potential in the Moonbase Alpha ecosystem, this coupled with superior farming ROI statistics for fast analysis make MBA Farms your first stop to go large! The first farms will feature on Arbitrum and zkSync. NFT Farming??


Our DAO governance system will allow users to help make important decisions on Moonbase Alpha. Users can stake $MROCK tokens and earn while participating in community decisions and ecosystem directions.


The Official Moonbase Alpha NFT Launchpad will be a separate tech stack within itself, future iterations and the desired state will include API’s and NFT aggregator use cases that ensures a great future for our coding and also our user base extension.


Our automation migration will take place fast as primary builds allow and are coded to suit this. Within two business quarters, the Moonbase Alpha ecosystem will be fully automated and controlled by token holders. This is the future of decentralised ecosystems and offers a more shared journey of technical improvements.


The Official Moonbase Alpha Multi-Chain Bridge will give all users a chance to add liquidity and exchange between many chosen blockchains *The first being Arbitrum and zkSync. The multi-chain bridge will also be white labeled for other project usage


SLAM Nuxt Indexing is a process for optimizing the indexing of Nuxt.js (a framework for building Vue.js applications) websites by search engines like Google. This process involves improving various factors like website structure, content relevance, and technical elements to increase visibility and ranking in search results. The goal of SLAM Nuxt indexing is to make it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the website, in this case, this involves indexing Moonbase Alpha.

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