Moonbase Alpha is not only uniquely decentralised in it’s Launchpad construct, it also contains the direct vessel to launch via a high velocity rocket charged AMM Exchange. This entire Moonbase ecosystem is powered by Arbitrum, zkSync and more towards being a truely cross-chain dex.

Although there is currently much uncertainty in the current bear market, world events now actually possess the ability to collapse major financial institutions and currencies and assist in blockchain and decentralized entities finally being the ultimate financial disruptor!

Powered by Moon Rock and Moon Dust, Moonbase Alpha will revolutionize the way in which decentralized ecosystems reward users! The calculation we like to relate to is traders + users + engagement = rewards + recognition.

Rewards and recognition at every step of the way in the shape of REAL assets will be key to our success and the adoption of our user base.

By disrupting the status quo of other DEX’s and AMM ecosystems, we feel we will be able to attract mass decentralized appeal and have our community rallying behind ‘Moonbase Alpha”

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